Salon design advice

Tips for Purchasing Salon Furniture

By Chris Erickson

Salon furniture purchasing can be the most important decision you make when designing or remodeling your salon. There are 6 steps that are integral to the furnishing of your salon:

  • Plan ahead. Begin the purchasing process at least 90 days before your expected opening. Allow for unexpected delays. It’s a good idea to schedule your grand opening at least 30 days after your expected opening date.
  • See for yourself. Visit a show room to be sure the furniture you have selected is the same quality and design that the literature depicts.
  • Service. Purchase your salon equipment from a dealer that can and will service it. Are they close by and available? Do they demonstrate knowledge and a commitment to your success after the sale?
  • Other costs. There are other costs associated with furniture: delivery cost, installation cost, and storage fees. Make sure you receive estimates from your dealer.
  • Check references. If you are purchasing from a dealer that offers design assistance, be sure to ask for and visit their references. This often will give you a quick view of the quality and type of work your dealer has done.
  • Quality drives return on investment. Remember when deciding what to purchase that Quality of Salon = Quality of Stylists = Quality of Clients = Quality of Income.
  • Following these six basic steps will insure that your new salon will be a less stressful and more productive experience.

    Chris Erickson is a Salon Design Consultant for the Belvedere USA Corporation in their Bloomington, MN showroom. For help in designing the salon of your dreams, call 800-435-5491.