Salon design advice

Maximizing Your Space II

By Theresa Ciarlone

Here’s even more information about maximizing use of space in your salon or spa. As I mentioned in the last Belvedere e-flash, the key to making use of your space is organization. And organization is based on planning that includes traffic patterns through your space, how people work and even how you’d like them to relax. Additional things to consider:

Dryers/Processors. Often overlooked in the planning stage of salon design, dryers are an important part of any hair-based business. The key reason for this may be the valuable real estate dryers require and the fact that they’re not a profit center. The best way to maximize the dryer/processor area is to use wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted dryers/processors in addition to or in place of a seated dryer/processor area. Another way to maximize dryer/processor space is to keep some wheeled units on hand that can be moved around from client to client when needed and can be stored in another location when not in use.

Shampoo. Thanks to their solid ergonomics, the backwash shampoo unit is favored hands down by most salons and spas. However, when small spaces are an issue, the use of all-in-one styling/shampoo units is the smart choice. These units are wider than the standard styling station, but only by six inches. This is a great way to maximize space in a smaller salon (it requires shampooing from the side). Another alternative that’s ergonomically correct is the European-style shampoo unit that allows you to support up to four styling stations from one shampoo station. The bowl actually turns 360 degrees and the shampoo service comes to the client versus client going to the shampoo service.

Dispensary. One sure way to maximize space is to locate this area in the staff/laundry/storage/utility area. Additionally, you can incorporate an open dispensary behind the shampoo area with the shampoo dispensers and towel cabinetry. This unit can incorporate your specific requirements. Clients can actually watch you, the artist, create the color palate you’re going to apply to their hair to implement their new image.

Staff/Laundry/Storage/Utility. Maximize space by incorporating cabinets that extend to the ceiling. You’ll increase storage space and your salon will appear neat and clean, regardless of your level of activity. Have the interior designer or salon equipment sales/design consultant design cabinetry with different compartments to suit your needs, such as a trash bin, broom closet and hamper drop for soiled linens. Purchase a stackable washer/dryer to maximize space even more.

Space gives us a sense of freedom; it helps us relax and feel good about life. A well-planned space helps us stay organized and feel in control – it can even reduce stress. But beyond everything else, a well-planned salon or spa speaks volumes about your business, your clients and you. Incorporating an optimized space plan ensures that your clients see the best your business has to offer everyday.

Theresa Ciarlone is a member of the Belvedere USA Corporation Salon Design Dream Team. For help in designing the salon of your dreams, call 800-435-5491.